3rd International School Principals Conference

Networking and Beyond for Innovation in Education

It is honor for us to invite you to the 3rd International School Principals Conference (ISPC2023) themed Networking and Beyond for Innovation in Educational.

Schools, educators, administrators, parents and students interacted to cope with the crisis and uncertainty that emerged with the COVID19 pandemic. They formed local, regional, national and international networks. Through these networks, they shared their experiences in order to close learning gaps, maintain their psycho-social well-being, improve their online pedagogy skills, and develop strategies for managing schools/institutions remotely.

Professional learning networks (PNLs) created by learners and educators, which were emphasized even before the pandemic, have been one of the important agendas for practitioners and researchers in the last 20 years in order to innovate and share innovations in the field of education. Some institutional structures such as e-twinning provided strong infrastructure and supports for networking among educators and schools.

After the COVID19 pandemic, criticism of traditional school and education has gained a new dimension. Distance education, online interaction and expanding networking experience require in-depth discussion and learning in terms of developing and sharing effective, sustainable innovative practices. There are many questions to be answered regarding the nature, vision, function, impact, sustainability, accessibility and governance of networking.

The 3rd International School Principals Conference (ISPC2023) invites educators, administrators, stakeholders, experts, researchers, students, patrents and community leaders to discuss networking and beyond for innovation in education from practice to theory from a broad perspective.

ISPC2023 aims to provide a platform for researchers and practitioners to share their findings and experiences to help educators understand and further develop innovative approaches to empower and support school principals, teachers, learners and parents.

Against this background, ISPC2023 seeks to explore the following subthemes:

Networking and innovation
Networking between higher education and schools
Networking between private and public schools
Networking within and outside the country
Networking of schools for innovation
Networking of educational leaders
Networking of teachers
Professional learning communities
Innovative educational leadership
Innovations in teaching and learning
Preparing educational leaders for future
Innovation and sustainability
Adapting to change in a world of challenges via networking and innovation
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Ağ iletişimi yoluyla pandemiden kurtulma
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Ağ oluşturma yoluyla gelişim modelleri oluşturma
BT’nin eğitime entegrasyonu
Öğretmenlerin refahı ve çalışma koşulları
Eğitim sisteminde eşitlik ve kapsayıcılık
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