3rd International Higher Education Studies Conference

The main aims of the 3rd International Higher Education Studies Conference (IHEC 2018) are creating a platform for joint studies in the field of higher education and sharing and discussing new trends, research results and theoretical perspectives therein.

The IHEC focuses on macro policies, models, reform acts and method proposals against the backdrop of changing demands, opportunities, expectations and problems of higher education in the world and in Turkey.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Revisiting Higher Education in an Ever-Changing World”.

Conference Topics

New Model Suggestions and Approaches for Higher Education in the Changing World
Transdisciplinary Ecosystem in Higher Education
Relationship Between Quantity and Quality in Higher Education
Internationalization and Local Approaches in Higher Education
Institutional Culture, Organizational Climate and Leadership in Higher Education
Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
Higher Education, Collaborations and Societal Impact
Interaction Strategies and Models between University and Industry
Towards an Integrated Digital Organization in Higher Education
Reframing Higher Education Outcomes from the Viewpoint of Alumni Profiles
Effective Resource Management and Usage at Higher Education within the Global Competitive Environment
Access and Equality in Higher Education
Ethics, Principles and Values in Higher Education
Higher Education, Community Development and Sustainability
Higher Education and University Rankings
Youth Studies in Higher Education