We are the English Language Teachers of the future. We are just five students from BOĞAZİÇİ UNIVERSITY and İSTANBUL BİLGİ UNIVERSITY. Building upon the success of the First National Conference by Hacettepe and Gazi University and The Second International Students Conference by Başkent University, we are arranging “The Third International ELT Students Conference” for YOU! Our theme is “The Power of Collaboration: Turning from Theory to Practice in ELT.

Conference Dates: 14-15 April, 2012

Our conference comprises of two days and it includes many teachers, students, and professors. There will be Keynote speakers, Panels, Student performances,and Concurrent sessions with the people from all over the world during two days. Both of the days are going to be very informative and entertaining. Practical ideas will be our first purpose. While you have a chance to answer all the questions on your mind during the panels, you will improve your knowledge about new technologies in ELT with different concurrent sessions of great teachers and valuable academicians. We all are going to work together, not only the teachers will be able to make presentations, but also the students will be able to present their best projects. In student performances, we invite the teachers to be the students of students. Students are also going to have an idea about English language teaching in k-12 schools (especially in high schools) and in academic life. Besides, teachers are going to learn how to handle with the students well in the classroom. These are just the beginning. You will find other great content focus areas for the sessions.

Moreover, there will be raffles and cocktails! You will have the chance to relax and enjoy yourself with your colleagues and students.

As we are the students of today and the teachers of the future, we would be honored to invite you all to take a journey where we will have the chance to learn from each other!

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