3rd International Congress on Environmental Researches and Technology

Environmental Researches

3rd International Congress on Environmental Researches and Technology (ICERAT)

ICERAT 2017 Call for Papers
November 08-12, 2017 ─ Belgrade, Serbia

URL: https://www.icerat.gen.tr

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the official website of the 3rd International Congress on Environmental Researches and Technology (ICERAT) which will be held on 08 – 12 November 2017 in Belgrade, Serbia.

The ICERAT’ 2017 topic areas mainly focus on Water Pollution and Control, Wastewater, Air Pollution and Control, Solid Wastes, Noise Pollution, Soil Pollution, Renewable Energy Sources, Persistent Organic Pollutants: Occurrence and Fate in the Environment, Biology, Hydrobiology and Ecology. The aim of the conference is to gather leading academicians, policy makers, independent scholars and researchers to share their knowledge, new ideas as well as to discuss future development in these fields.

An additional goal of the ICERAT’ 2017 is to offer an opportunity for young researchers, academicians and practitioners with multidisciplinary interests related to business, economics and social sciences to meet and interact with members inside and outside their own particular disciplines.

The ICERAT is organized every year in different Balkan, Far East and Europe Countries to present an ideal platform to share views and research results in economics, business, management, social sciences and related areas.

We look forward to see you in Belgrade at the ICERAT’ 2017.

Best regards,

Prof. Dr. Mehmet KARATAŞ

Necmettin Erbakan University

Congress Chairman

Congress Topics

1. Water Pollution and Control

-Conservation, management, planning and modelling of water resources,

-Reuse of reclaimed waters,

-Quality control of drinking waters,

-Water treatment technologies,

-Advanced treatment of water by adsorption, ion exchange, membranes and oxidation processes,, etc.,

-Disinfection and disinfection by-products,

-Marine pollution.

2. Wastewater

-Wastewater characterization for treatment,

-Biological treatment of wastewaters,

-Biological nutrient removal,

-Chemical treatment of industrial wastewaters,

-Advances in biological, physical and chemical treatment processes,

-Sludge stabilization, utilization and disposal,

-Reuse of wastewaters,

-Modelling tools and modelling of water and wastewater treatment processes/plants.

3. Air Pollution and Control

– Indoor/outdoor Air quality and monitoring,

-Modelling and air quality management,

-Air pollution and climate change,

-Pollution prevention and control technologies,

-Indoor air quality,

-Impacts of air pollution,

-Air sampling technologies.

4. Solid Wastes


-Leachate management and treatment,

-Landfill gas and treatment,

-Management of hazardous, hospital, industrial, construction and demolition wastes,

-Biological methods for waste disposal,

-Thermal technologies for waste disposal.

– Biosolids and sludge management

5. Noise Pollution

-Industrial noise pollution control,

-Traffic noise pollution control,

-Modelling tools for the noise pollution,

-Insulating materials for the noise pollution.

6. Soil Pollution

-Soil Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Biochemistry

-Soil Mineralogy and Micromorphology

-Soil Management and Reclamation

-Soil Pollution and Remediation

7. Renewable Energy Sources

-Bioenergy from biomass,

-Solar energy,

-Wind energy,

-Geothermal energy.

8. Persistent Organic Pollutants: Occurrence and Fate in the Environment

9. Biology, Hydrobiology and Ecology.

10. Contributions would also be expected on; Environmental

– Environmental Change,

– Environmental Ecotoxicology

– Remote Monitoring Systme and GIS

– Environmental Economics,

– Environmental Law, Politics and Policy,

– Environmental Engineering Education.

– Environmental Quality Management Systems

– And other issues on the environment.

Important Dates
Dates of the Conference: November 8 – 12, 2017
Deadline for Abstract Submission: August 17, 2017
Notification of Acceptance: Within 10 days after the submission
Payment for Conference Fee: Upon receiving acceptance letter
Deadline for payments: August 24, 2017
Prospective authors are invited to submit their abstracts following the guideline posted on the conference website https://www.icerat.gen.tr Submitted abstracts will be peer-reviewed (check review process in the conference website), and prospective authors are expected to present their papers at the conference. The papers that are accepted and presented at the conference will appear in e-book and selected papers.
Please send any inquiry on ICPEMS 2017 to [email protected]


Nobel Science and Research Center

Ankara / Turkey


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