3. Uluslararası Kaynak Teknolojileri Konferansı ve Sergisi


Strength, reliability and life of welded structures
Technology of surfacing, coating and surface treatment
Special electrometallurgy processes
Nondestructive testing
Automation of welding processes and related technologies
Physicochemical processes (thermodynamics, kinetics, microstructure, phase transformations, corrosion)
Mathematical modeling and simulations
Computer Aided Welding Engineering
Joining of polymer and ceramic materials
Welding materials and their weldability
Welding processes
Design, analysis and fabrication of welded structures
Recent developments in joining technology – welding, soldering, brazing,
Advances in materials, metallurgy and weldability
Process monitoring, sensors, control.
Education, training, Qualification & Certification of welding personnel
Welding Process Safety
Micro joining
Nano joining

Abstract Submission Ends:January 26, 2014
Notification of Acceptance:February 3, 2014
Full Manuscript Submissions Ends:March 25, 2014
Notification of Acceptanc: April 25, 2014


Telephone: +090 (236) 201 24 00 (Assoc.Prof.Dr. Salim ŞAHİN)

Conference Secretary: Assist. Prof. Dr. S. Bahar BAŞTÜRK Department of Materials Engineering, Celal Bayar University
E-mail: bahar.basturk@cbu.edu.tr
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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hakan ATEŞ
Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, Gazi University / Welding Technology Society
E-mail: hates@gazi.edu.tr
Telephone: +090 (312) 202 87 82

Contact For Sponsorhip and Exhibition: Assist. Prof. Dr. Osman ÇULHA
Department of Materials Engineering, Celal Bayar University
E-mail: osman.culha@cbu.edu.tr
Telephone: +090 (236) 201 24 03


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