2nd International Conference on Humanities, Business Economics and Social Sciences

2nd International Conference on Humanities, Business Economics and Social Sciences

Dear Colleagues/Professors/Students
International Academic Conferences promote international dissemination of knowledge and development of cross-national academic fraternity. The participants come from different backgrounds and countries. They share their researches, experiences and informally create long-lasting bonds.
It has been commonly observed that people lack the motivation and confidence of taking part in international events, basically due to self-made or cultural inhibitions.
We recognize this factor, and we make sure to support and motivate first timers and also seasoned academicians by:

• Generating your academic and professional relationships
• Boosting your morale and confidence of presenting your research in an international platform
• Clearing your inhibitions of adjusting to the foreign environment
• Providing a holistic experience of academic tourism

The participation in the international conference may be under following categories:

• Original Research Articles
• Published Articles
• Research Poster
• Dissertation/ PhD Synopsis
• Research Abstract
• Listener/ Co-author
• Absentia
• Abstract/ Paper/ Synopsis Submission

Prospective authors are invited to submit Full Papers/ Abstract of Original Research work or, Synopsis of PhD/Dissertation, Published work, View-points or Way Forward/ Poster by filling the online application form.

Review and Acceptance

The ‘Acceptance/ Invitation Letter’ for the conference is provided on the basis of the review of submitted ‘Abstract’. The review of submitted abstract takes around 3-4 working days. The review is based on:

• Match to conference theme
• Completeness of Abstract
• Attractiveness of the research

Abstracts should contain following:

• Relevant and complete title (ideally upto 15 words)
• Full Names, Affiliatons, Emails of author(s)
• Research Abstract (ideally 150-300 words) indicating: Research Objectives, Methodology, Findings, Research Outcomes, Future Scope
• 3 to 5 Keywords

Fee Structure

All delegates are requested to contact at hbes.apr@turfcr.com to get the account detail and to make the payment. Once the payment confirmation is received we will send you a confirmation of registration.
Payment of fees must accompany all registration forms. Your registration will not be confirmed until we received your payment receipt. The conference organizer will not accept any bank charges associated with the transfer of money. Please note that the paid registration fee cannot be refund if you cannot participate in the conference.