2013 International Van Earthquake Symposium


Engineering Seismology
Engineering Geology
Neotectonic Studies
Regional Tectonics
Marine Geophysics and Geology
Earthquake and Tectonic Studies
Extensional Tectonics, Basin Formation and Volcanism
Plate Tectonics and Geodynamics
Seismic Investigations of Crust and Upper Mantle
Active Deformation and Lithospheric Processes
Crustal Deformation
Physics and Mechanics of Earthquakes and Faulting
Applied Geophysics (Seismic, Electric, Electromagnetic, Gravity, and Magnetic)
Geodynamic Environments and Related Geochemistry Processes
Seismic Networks
GPS and Gravity Networks

Design of New Structures
Buildings (Low-cost housing)
Seismic Response of Low-cost Housing
Bridges and Special Structures
Experimental Work (Physical Modeling)
Architectural Aspects
Assessment and Retrofitting of Existing Structures
Built Cultural Heritage
Historical Restorations (Stones and wood)
Buildings (Low concrete strength, low-medium rise, etc.)
Bridges and Special Structures
Experimental Work (Physical modeling)
Non-structural Components
Infrastructures and Lifeline Systems
Risk Assessment
Early Warning
Post-EQ Response
Transportation Infrastructure

Architectural Design and Planning
An Earthquake Factor in Building Design
Earthquake-Place-Hardware and Use the Relationship
High-Tech Building Systems
Urbanization-Settlement and Housing Policies
Design Defects
Repair and Strengthening
Historical Buildings and Monuments
Enforcement of Building in Disaster-Prone Areas and Relation With Architectural Design
Environmental Management and Architecture Based Relations
The Role of Architectural Basic Field in Disaster Management
Pre and Post Disaster Reconstruction Policy
The Studies of Earthquake Loss Prediction in Scope of Architectural Basic Field
Architecture Course Schedules and Disaster
Contribution of Architecture in Earthquake and Training

Socio-Economic Aspect
Disaster Policy, Planning and Management Aspect
Psychological and Counseling Aspect

A Look Pre, While, and After an Earthquake With Respect to Physcosocial Side
Medical First Aid and Support
Physical Structures and Service Role of Hospitals in case of a Possible Earthquake


Prof. Dr. Peyami BATTAL (Rector of Yuzuncu Yil University)


Prof. Dr. İsmail Sait DOĞAN (Yuzuncu Yil University, Dean of Faculty of Engineering Architecture)

Contact person

Mutluhan AKIN (Coordinator of Secretariat)
Yuzuncu Yil University, Faculty of Engineering Architecture
Mining Engineering Department

Zeve Campus
65080 Van, Turkey

E-mail: [email protected][email protected]

Phone: +90-432-225 10 24 / 1139 – 1136 (ext)

Fax: +90-432-225 17 30


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