2. International Symposium on Education and Change

This year, the 2. International Symposium on Education and Change (ISEC2021) will be held in Sakarya between 1-3 October 2021 in collaboration with the Academic Platform, Education and Change Association, Sakarya University of Applied Sciences and Isparta University of Applied Sciences.

The main goal of the symposium is; to create a world-wide context for the academicians to share and discuss issues such as new approaches in education, the need for change in educational practices, the analysis of changes that may affect the future of education and to establish a strong cooperation between universities and scientists at the international level in the field of education.

This symposium gathers together all academicians, experts, bureaucrats, institutions, foundations, students, local governments and non-governmental organizations in the field of education with the aim to create a context where knowledge, thoughts, experiences and skills are shared. We invite all the academicians in the scientific world to become a part of this symposium in order to have this unique experience in one of the world’s most beautiful places.

All accepted papers will be published online in Academic Perspective Procedia with the DOI number and ISSN number. In addition, the selected papers can be published in the APJEC-Academic Platform Education and Change Journal, OPUS – International Journal of Society Researches and Journal of Technical Science after checked by the referees.

The main goal of the International Symposium on Education and Change is to create a scientific platform where the researchers can share the theoretical and practical skills they have produced in the field of education, with the researches and educators who use such information. This symposium aims to gather together the information producers and consumers in all areas of education and to create an atmosphere for sharing the results of all scientific studies obtained within the scope of education and change, with the scientific environments and other stakeholders. In this way, it is aimed to contribute to the production of new information and resolution of the problems that come out in educational practices.

The International Symposium on Education and Change aims to gather together all the stakeholders working in the field of education at national and international levels; to empower relationships; to share qualified research results with the researchers producing information about educational sciences and the implementers of such information; to facilitate the studies enriching literature in this field and to share the results of symposium with the scientific environments and all other stakeholders with the aim to contribute to this literature.

Vocational and Technical Education

Distance Vocational Education

Intelligent Systems in Vocational Education

Vocational Education in the Digital World

Problems of Vocational Education

Efficiency in Vocational Education

Vocational Training and Entrepreneurship

Vocational Education and Quality Processes

Accreditation and Certification in Vocational Education

Occupational Health and Safety in Vocational Education

Vocational Education and Sector Cooperation

Public-University-Industry Collaborations in Vocational Education

Measurement and Evaluation in Vocational Education

Vocational Education and National Technology Move

Special Needs Students and Vocational Education

Career Education Models in Turkey and the World