1st Congress on Stem Cell and Cell Therapies

1st Congress on Stem Cell and Cell Therapies, 20-23 March 2014

Dear Colleagues,

Today there are some diseases which cannot be treated precisely by the current methods of modern medicine. It is deemed that definite cure to such diseases could be provided by restoring biological functions of damaged cell–tissue and organs (regenerative medicine) or repairing (reparative medicine).

‘‘Stem cells’’ are the pivotal biological elements of this process. In recent years, many reports have been published with regards to preclinical researches and clinical trials in this area. A lot of centers conducting R&D studies on stem cells have commenced their activities in Turkey and many more are being established.

We have aimed at organizing a congress which will provide a vast platform of communication and discussion by gathering basic and clinical scientists who have been contributing greatly to the universal science on the issue and those/young researchers who are working or interested in stem cell, tissue/organ engineering and gene therapies.

In parallel with lectures of national and international invited speakers, there will be poster presentations during ‘‘1st Stem Cell Symposium with International Participation’’ to be held between 20 – 23 March with the concept of interdisciplinary cooperation. Before the congress main program, diverse theoretical/practical courses will be held for those young researchers who are interested in the issue but need preliminary information.

We hope to see you among us during 1st Stem Cell Symposium with International Participation.

We will be honored by your participation.


Prof. Erdal Karaöz
On behalf of the Congress Organizing Board
Congress President

Bone-Cartilage Defects & Stem Cells
Cardio-Vascular Diseases & Stem Cells
Neurodegenerative Diseases & Stem Cells
Neural Stem Cells
Diabetes & Stem Cells
Plastic Surgery & Stem Cells
Stem Cells & Immunotherapy (Dendritic Cell Vaccines, GVHD)
Cancer Stem Cells
Embryonic Stem Cells & iPS Cells
Stem Cells & Tissue Engineering
Infertility & Stem Cells
Autoimmun Disease (Chron, MS etc.) & Stem Cells
Dental Medicine & Stem Cells
Stem Cells and Proteomics
Stem Cells and Clinical Applications: Golden Standarts
Stem Cells and Industry: Looking to the Future
Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Eye Diseases & Stem Cells
Stem Cell Niche
Allergic Diseases & Stem Cells
Organ Transplantation & Stem Cells
Burnt, Slow Healing Wounds & Stem Cells
Personalized Cancer Medicine & Stem Cells
Drug Discoveries & Stem Cells



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