18. Malzeme Yüzeylerinin İyon Işınları ile Modifikasyonu Konferansı

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The 18th International Conference on Surface Modification of Materials by Ion Beams will be held September 15-20, 2013, at the Pine Bay Resort, Kusadasi, Izmir, Turkey. This conference spans a comprehensive range of topics, both fundamental and applied, that relate to current advances in the area of ion beam tailoring of surfaces and near-surface regions, in materials of all kinds, ranging from semiconductors and metals to polymers and bio materials.

A special new feature of this conference will be interdisciplinary presentations planned to highlight opportunities and scope for collaborative research embracing academic and industrial organizations and funding agencies, and featuring spokesmen from dynamic new enterprises in medical research, bio-technology, automotive technology, and advanced manufacturing . We are planning a set of special workshop/panel discussion sessions focused on current research challenges having potential for development of innovative ion-beam-based applications, in the general fields of Health, Automotive, and Manufacturing Technologies. Each panel will feature distinguished leaders in both the science and industrial arenas, as detailed on the SMMIB web site . All SMMIB2013 participants are encouraged to attend these sessions, bringing questions and ideas, and directly exploring prospects for new research collaborations in these emerging fields. Each of these sessions will be followed by an informal Reception, in which attendees may meet the Panelists directly.

Please check the Conference web site for the complete list of Conference Topics. As you will recognize, SMMIB2013 seeks to encompass new phenomena as well as emerging applications for ion beam technologies, ranging from nano-scale to macro-scale. Accordingly, on behalf of all the Organizers, I would like to warmly invite you to participate at SMMIB2013.

We sincerely hope that you will join us for the SMMIB2013 Conference. If you have questions, or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes,

Ahmet Oztarhan
Chairman – SMMIB2013
Cell Phone: +90 532 342 37 65
Tel: +90 232 323 30 34 , Fax: +90 232 364 59 10
E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]



Abstract deadline May 5, 2013
Author notification May 12, 2013
Deadline for early registration June 4, 2013
Deadline for late registration September 14, 2013
Detailed and more information will be given in 2nd announcement, January 12, 2013.

Peer-Reviewed Proceedings Publication: The refereed/ accepted manuscripts will be published in a special issue of “Applied Surface Science”. This will be a very high quality publication, consisting of review papers and research reports selected by the high standards of peer review that have brought Applied Surface Science to prominence and prestige in recent years, with a high (and still rising) Impact Factor envied by many other front-line archival publications today.

Proceedings volumes can be purchased by any participant.

o 40 EUR per softbound copy

Please note that the contact author of each accepted manuscript may purchase Proceedings at 40% discount.

Oral Presentations
The oral program will include:
Distinguished Speaker (Andre Geim) (Intro: 5min. + Talk: 50min. + Q&A: 5min. TOTAL: 60min)
Plenary Speakers (Talk: 40min. + Q&A: 5min. TOTAL: 45min)
Invited Speakers (Talk: 25min. + Q&A: 5min. TOTAL: 30min)
Oral Presentation (Talk: 15min. + Q&A: 5min. TOTAL: 20min)

Three poster sessions are anticipated. The poster format will be portrait with a maximum size 135x100cm.

Audio Visual Equipment
Each room wil be provided with a digital projector and a compatible laptop computer (where speakers are asked to upload their talks from their portable flash memory in the break preceding their session), or whether every speaker can use his own laptop if he wishes.

The conference will include a manufacturer’s exhibition. Exhibition possibilities range from distributing brochures to full display booths.

Letters of Invitation
Upon request, letters of invitation will be sent. These are meant to help in obtaining visas or to raise travel funds. They are not a commitment on the part of the organizers to provide financial support.

The official language of the conference will be English.

Important Points about the Conference:
The 18th International Conference on the Surface Modification of Materials by Ion Beams, (SMMIB), which will be held at the Kusadasi Pine Bay Hotel, September 15-20, 2013, is a scientific meeting that will be of the highest importance to medicine and industrial society. Full information about the SMMIB can be found at www.smmib2013.net . Turkey was selected for the second time as the host country for this major international conference, which has been held every two year over the past 40 years at different locations around the world.

Conference topics generally lie in the application areas of Nano-science and Nano-technologies, and novel materials with new and technologically desirable features such as biocompatibility, antibacterial properties, tissue regeneration, hydrophobic and hydrophilic characteristics, wear and corrosion resistance, enhanced lifetime, and more. We expect at least 500 guests (300 foreign and 200 domestic) to participate in this conference including medical doctors, scientists, engineers, industrialists and businessmen.

Prof. Andre Geim, from Manchester University, England, and winner of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics, will provide the opening scientific presentation. The currently confirmed speakers list, including invited speakers, can be seen on the conference website.

Panel discussions and conference sessions (presentations, including question-and-answer) in the areas listed below will be held each day (English-Turkish-English language translations will be provided for Turkish attendees upon request).

(1) Health: Medical doctors including in cardiovascular surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics and general surgery, as well as specialists, engineers, researchers, and scientists will attend the conference. Firms involved in these fields will hold a four-day exhibition, and a meeting / panel will take place for an hour and a half after conference hours. At this meeting, problems occurring in surgery, the types of demand during post- or pre- surgery, new materials and their properties, new technologies, new working areas, technology transfer, common working issues and opportunities in national and foreign markets, will be discussed.

(2) Automotive–Aerospace: Scientists (researchers), authorized personnel within production companies, engineers, and business people will attend the conference. Firms serving in these areas will participate in the four-day exhibition, and a meeting / panel will be held for an hour and a half after the main conference hours. At this meeting, new trends and technologies in the automotive industry, technology transfer, common working issues and opportunities in national and foreign markets will be discussed.

(3) Energy: Scientists (researchers), authorized personnel from relevant companies, engineers, and business people will attend the conference. Firms involved in these areas will participate in the four-day exhibition, and a meeting / panel will be held for an hour and a half after conference hours (technical session).

(4) Manufacturing Industry: Technological areas that will be discussed include: increasing the wear and corrosion resistance of cutting tools, hobs, gears, hot and cold forging moulds, plastic and aluminium injection molds, plastic screws and barrels, aluminium extrusion molds, turbine blades, industrial cutting blades and knives (paper, carton, textile, plastic and food industries), petroleum pipelines, machine parts, including increasing surface hardness and decreasing coefficient of friction, and increasing lifetime by use of plasma-based advanced surface modification. Scientists, authorized personnel from producing companies, engineers, and business people will attend the conference. Firms that serve in these fields and firms that deal in various kinds of analysis equipment and systems will display their products at the four-day exhibition, and a meeting / panel will be held for an hour and a half after conference hours. Applications in the defense, petroleum and textile industries will be discussed.
New materials featuring a variety of novel properties will be represented at the exhibition.

Our website: www.smmib2013.net

Expected attendance: Max. 700 guests, min. 400 guests.

Nano science and Nano technologies and their application areas will be covered during the conference and invited speakers include world-recognized experts in their fields.

Nano-technologies, surface modification by ion implantation, and their industrial applications will be covered at the conference by experienced scientists and industrial and business people in related sectors. These sectors are:
Health, Automotive, Energy, Manufacturing, and Textiles. Medical and industrial applications of plasma-based advanced surface modification technologies, ion implantation, plasma assisted PVD coating, and plasma nitriding technologies will be covered. Different sectors will be covered each day of the conference. Invited speakers, scientists and other interested parties can attend the panels/meetings to learn about common research areas, joint research work, and technology transfer.

Researchers, including students, from various universities and institutions who want to establish their own research center and extend their existing research facilities, personnel from industry, and businessmen (foreign and domestic) who are interested in using these technologies, will all benefit from participation in the 18th International SMMIB Conference.

Papers presented at the meeting and the panel discussions will be published as the Conference Proceedings in a special issue of the international scientific journal, ‘’Applied Surface Science’’, published by Elsevier, after review by international referees.

The impressive cultural, historical and archaeological heritage of Turkey will be highlighted at social activities organized by the Conference. We believe that this conference will provide advantage to the beautiful city of Izmir in the 2013 October voting for Expo 2020, for which Izmir is a candidate.

The SMMIB conference that we organized in 2005 was praised as one of the best meetings ever. We think that the 18th SMMIB conference will be yet better.


Phenomena, Processes and Techniques

– Ion implantation
– Ion beam mixing
– Plasma immersion ion implantation and processing
– Ion beam assisted deposition
– Nanoparticle formation
– Nanoscale fabrication by FIB
– Nanowires, nanotubes, nanopillars, nanopores,
– Graphene manipulation
– Nanopatterning, nanolithography, guided self-assembly
– Fabrication of biocompatible surfaces
– Surface treatment for medical devices
– Ion irradiation of living tissues
– Intense pulsed beams

Fundamental Studies of Ion Beam Processing

– Basic mechanisms, theory
– Phase formation, Inverse Ostwald ripening
– Ripple formation, sputtering
– Defect engineering
– New modeling and simulation approaches, multiscale modeling, software

Research and innovative ideastargeting currentor potential applications in such areas as:

– Nano-science and technology
– Bio-science and engineering
– Sustainable-energy technologies
– Environmental sciences
– Electronics, photonics, plasmonics
– Micro/nano devices
– Smart materials, materials discovery
– Catalytic surfaces
– Self-assembled structures and devices
– Tribology
– Radiation-hardened materials and devices
– Corrosion resistance
– Sensors, and microfluidics
– Medical applications
– Industrial applications

Emerging Techniques and Equipment

– New tools for materials research enabled by ion beams
– New fabrication and testing facilities using ion beams
– Helium ion microscope and nano-fabrication
– Cluster ion beams
– Negative ion beams
– Highly charged ion beams
– Proton beam writing
– Inner surface implantation
– New accelerator systems and tools
– Multiple beam, hybrid, and duplex processes
– Commercial scale-up of ion beam applications


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Email [email protected]
Phone +90 232 323 30 34
Fax +90 232 364 59 10
Cell Phone +90 532 342 37 65


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