16. International INGED ELT Conference

The 16th International INGED ELT Conference

on 4 – 6 October 2013

Hosted by Dokuz Eylül University, The School of Foreign Languages,

Izmir, Turkey.




INGED / ELEA-Turkey (English Language Education Association) is an international organisation whose mission is to strengthen the effective teaching and learning of English as a Foreign Language in Turkey while developing international connections. The 16th International Conference aims to provide TEFL professionals with opportunities for professional development through the exchange of ideas and practices in English language teaching and research, thus enable them to integrate their knowledge of current trends in the TEFL field with their ELT practices.


We warmly invite everybody in the field of TEFL / TESOL to be a part of this significant event. We hope that the discussions will assist the progress of TEFL /TESOL around the world.




This year’s theme, “By Word of Mouth: Embracing Inspiring Practices”, has been set in the hope that the participants will share and compare their own teaching practices and collaborate in finding solutions to common problems. This conference aims to focus on innovative theories and practices in the following areas:

  • Teaching Language Components and Skills
  • Classroom Applications
  • Culture and literature in ELT
  • Curriculum, Syllabus and/or Materials Design
  • Implementing the Common European Framework
  • Technology in the Classroom
  • CALL
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Teacher Training & Development
  • ELT Management
  • Very Young and Young Learners
  • Drama in ELT
  • English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
  • English for Specific Purposes (ESP)
  • Learner Autonomy
  • Language Learning Strategies



The 16th INGED International ELT Conference will be held on 4 – 6 October 2013 at DESEM, Presidency of Dokuz Eylül University, Alsancak – İzmir, Turkey.





A paper is a 30-minute session that describes an innovative idea, research, or a procedure through which the presenter has recently gained awareness of an aspect of language, language teaching and/or learning. It should describe what has been done in relation to theory or practice or may focus on commercial materials or products. Its content should be relevant to the delegates who work outside the presenter’s local context as well. The presenter is requested to allocate time for questions and discussion.

The presenters are requested to present their papers with only occasional reference to their notes rather than by reading out previously prepared texts or overhead transparencies or slides.

The summary should be no more than 450 words and should explicitly outline the steps and topics that will be discussed in the paper.





A workshop is a 60-minute hands-on session. It should include active audience participation whereby participants temporarily take on student roles and later discuss the tasks provided by the presenter. The presenter is requested to allocate time for questions and discussion. The summary should be no more than 450 words and should explicitly outline and discuss the steps and procedures that will be followed during the workshop. If presenters wish to restrict attendance to their session, they should tick the appropriate box for their preferred audience size on their proposal form.



An e-session can be either a 30-minute e-sharing session where the presenter demonstrates how to use websites or any other e-related ideas OR a 60-minute hands-on session where the presenter asks the participants to actually do something following the steps presented. These sessions will be held in a computer lab and all participants will have a computer to work on. The presenter is requested to allocate time for questions and discussion. The number of participants will be limited.



A poster session gives a visual presentation illustrating or summarizing a project, research study, or a feature of language teaching and/or learning. Each poster will be allocated wall space and there will be a 60-minute slot in the program solely for the presentation and discussion of the posters by the presenters and delegates.

The poster presenters will be expected to be on hand during this slot. Their summary should be no more than 450 words and should explicitly outline and discuss the steps and procedures that they will present in their poster.



At this conference, INGED has decided to allocate two presentation slots to TWO Turkish colleagues who work for the Ministry of Education and who have never before presented at any conference. For detailed information please see the INGED website.


IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PROPOSALS: While writing your summaries, please keep in mind that

a)      if your proposal is accepted, your summary will be printed in the conference booklet.

b)      the screening committee members evaluate the summaries to accept or reject a proposal. Please make sure that your summary reflects your study. The clarity and flow, originality, significance, relation to the theme and detailed description of the study all effect the members’ decision.




Proposals fulfilling the following criteria will be considered for selection:

It is clear from your summary that:

  • You will shed new light on the topic.
  • You have respected the level of knowledge of your audience.
  • Your session will consider practical issues and implications.
  • Your session, will provide the audience with the opportunity to link this experience to their own if it describes a study or project in your local context.
  • Your session will report on a complete study or a significant phase that has been completed if it is based on research.
  • You have not given this session, or a version of it, at a previous INGED conference.



Enclosed you will find:

• A Speaker Proposal Form

• A Registration and Reservation Form

All forms are also available at:




INGED MembersOn or Before 6 Sept 2013:      70.-TLAfter 6 Sept 2013:                 100.-TLNon-MembersOn or Before 6 Sept 2013:     100.-TLAfter 6 Sept 2013:                 130.-TL



Registration can be done online via wire transfer before the conference or on site during the conference.


Participants are requested to book their accommodation in advance. Suggestions regarding hotels and guest houses are available at the INGED web site.



The first 30 undergraduate ELT students will be offered a special discount.



The proceedings of the conference will be published. Presenters who wish to have their presentations published should submit the required material to the Conference Organization Committee during the conference.


Guidelines for the required material are as follows:

1.    All papers should be typed in Microsoft Word and copied onto a disc, which is to be submitted together with a hard copy.

2.    All illustrations and charts should be copied onto the disc.

3.    The font colour should be black and white.

4.      Papers reporting study results should include an introduction, a brief literature review, a description of the study, the results, and the classroom implications.

5.    Papers discussing practical teaching issues should include an introduction, a brief literature review, the philosophy behind the idea, and its application in the classroom.

6.    All referencing should be made and a list of direct references should be written and attached.

7.    Workshops should be written up in the form of an academic paper.

8.    Presenters should not submit their session notes. They should rewrite the notes by following the requirements of academic discourse.

9.    All papers should be edited and proof-read.

10. All papers should follow the APA style.



The Speaker Proposal should be sent to Mustafa Akın Güngör at [email protected] by 26 April 2013. Speakers will be notified of the status of their proposals via email.



About the conference:

Mustafa Akın Güngör:    [email protected]                       mobile: +90 542 8104888

Nazli Demirbas:                       m[email protected]                        mobile: +90 505 6884802

Büşra Delen:                            [email protected]                                 mobile:  +90 538 2252075


About the university:

Gülşah Tıkız:                  [email protected]                     mobile: +90 554 9346947




Deadline for proposal submission:               26 April 2013
Response to proposals via e-mail:                 15 June 2013

Registration deadline for presenters:             15 July 2013
Early Registration deadline for participants: 06  Sept 2013


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