13th International Conference of Food Physicists

Food Physicists

The International Society of Food Physicists and Akdeniz University are glad to announce that the 13th International Conference of Food Physicists will be held in Akdeniz University, Antalya, Turkey on October 23-25, 2018.

The upcoming 13th International Conference on Food Physics is a three-day event, which is a part of a conference series organized by the International Society of Food Physicists every two years. The conference aims to initiate discussion on the physical properties of food and the physical base of some innovative technologies in the food industry. Please, visit the website for regularly updated information.

The conference wants to provide an open channel for presenting and dissemination the new scientific results and applications, indicating creative discussions among the experienced researchers, students and the industry for finding the new opportunities and ways for further collaborations and common thinking.

Hope to see you in Antalya,

Ayhan TOPUZ (Chair)

Ahmet KUCUKCETIN (Co-Chair)

Head of Organizing Committee

Department of Food Engineering

Akdeniz University

The topics of the conference are the followings:

1. Physical aspects of agronomy
2. Chemistry, physical chemistry and food analysis
3. Non-destructive analysis
4. Rheology
5. Unit operations and technology
6. Quality control, quality assurance, food safety
7. Biophysics
8. Health aspects
9. Environmental physics



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