13th International Bilkent University Conference




17-18 June 2013

The conceptualization of teacher professional learning has changed over the past 30 years from a perspective where the teacher was being researched and acted upon to a perspective where the teacher’s voice, founded in practice, is accepted as a key contributor to the knowledge base of effective teaching practice. Practicing teachers add significantly to their own and our own understanding of teaching and learning. We need, therefore, to listen to their voices.

Teachers not only benefit from researching their own practice, but providing them with opportunities to reflect on the practice of their colleagues can also be a powerful force for guiding their own professional learning.

This conference aims to:

Provide an opportunity for teachers, researchers, and teacher educators to listen to one another’s voices;

Encourage teachers to explore their own practice and share their perspectives and conclusions with colleagues;

Give an opportunity for others to benefit from such insights and potentially apply these to their own practice;

Explore the principles and practice of classroom

focussed research by practitioners;

Situate classroom



focussed research within the broader concerns of the teaching profession.

We welcome papers on: teacher research, action research, exploratory practice, reflective practice, classroom



focussed research.

It is envisaged that the conference will provide an opportunity for Bilkent University School of English Language to showcase a good number of its own instructors’ classroom



based inquiry, as well as create a forum for exchange with colleagues in other language teaching contexts both nationally and internationally.

We very much hope you can join us this event and we look forward to seeing you there.




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