12th International Conference on Language, Literature, Culture, and Education

The 12th International Conference on Language, Literature, Culture, and Education (ICLLCE) 2018 is a multi-disciplinary forum discussing ideas, theories and research findings in arts, humanities, and social sciences.

After successful events in cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Bali, the ICLLCE series moves to Turkey with a 3-day event at the Avantgarde Resort Hotel, Antalya, Turkey a highly-rated beachfront resort located within the popular area in Antalya.

Venue: Avantgarde Resort Hotel, Antalya, Turkey
Conference: 19-21 October 2018

The following is by no means an exhaustive list but it gives an idea of the topics that could possibly be discussed by participants at the event.

We welcome contributions on ANY topics that the authors feel can contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the areas covered by the conference’s main themes:

Action Research in Language Teaching
New Writings in English
Asian Languages

Phonology and Morphology
Assessment of Language and Literature Teaching
Popular Culture in Language Teaching and Learning
Best Practices in Language Teaching
Practices of Language Teacher Education
Collaborations in Language Teacher Education
Putting Theory into Classroom Practice
Computational Linguistics and Mathematical Linguistics

Research on Legal Language Teaching
Computational Psycholinguistics
Role of English and Asian Languages in Globalised Contexts
Constructivism in Teaching of Language
Second Language Teaching
Designing Contextual Curriculum for Language Teaching
South East Asian Languages
Special Hardware and Software for Asian Language Computing
Discourse Analysis
Speech Recognition and Synthesis
English for Specific Purposes (ESP)
Spoken Language Processing, Understanding, Generation and Translation

Standards Based Performance in Language Evaluation
Foreign Language Teaching
Students Participations in Language Teaching
Grammars, Syntax, Semantics and Discourse
Teaching and Learning of English as a Foreign/ Second Language
Idioms in the Teaching of Language
Teaching Language in Higher Learning Institutions
Southeast Asian Languages

Text Analysis, Understanding, Summarization and Generation
Input and Output of Large Character Sets of Asian Languages
Text Entailment and Paraphrasing
Interdisciplinary in Language Teaching and Learning
The Application of Forensic Linguistics
Language and Gender
The Inculcation of Culture Through Language Teaching
Language and Literature

The Knowledge Base of Language Teacher Education
Language and Popular Culture
The Relationship Between Linguistic Structure and Cognitive Processes
Language and Power
The Teaching of Drama
Language and the New Media
The Teaching of Language and Literature
Language as a Medium of Solidarity
The Teaching of Language for Economic Purposes

Language Change and Variation
The Teaching of Listening Skills
Language Planning in Language Teaching
The Teaching of Poetry
Language, Culture and Translation
The Teaching of Prose
Language, Identity and Culture
The Teaching of Reading Skills
Language, Linguistic and Speech Resource Development
The Teaching of Syntax

Lexical Semantics and Word Sense
The Teaching of Translation
Linguistic, Psychological and Mathematical Models of Language
The Teaching of Writing Skills
The Transformative Nature of The Role of Language
Literature in Language Teaching
Theoretical Research On Forensic Linguistics
Machine learning for natural language
Theory Versus Experience in Language Teaching
Machine translation and multilingual processing

Malay Language
Word Segmentation, Chunking, Tagging and Syntactic Parsing
Natural Language Applications, Tools and Resources, System Evaluation
Word Sense Disambiguation, Semantic Role Labelling and Semantic Parsing
New Varieties of English
Feminism Novel and Evolutionary Platforms
Folklore Studies Poetry
Gender Equality in Literature Post Colonial Literature

Islamic Literature Short Stories
Issues in Literature The Image of Women in Literature
Literature and Film The Issue of Hatred in Literature
Literature and Modernization The Role of Literature
Literature and New Media Drama and Theatre
Narrative Environments and Intelligent Medias Western Literature
New Genres, New Standards Women’s Writings

Borrowing Local Culture
Comparative Study Modernization
Cultural Diversity Mutation
Cultural Invention Osmosis
Cultural Sociology Peace and Human Security
Culture Popular Culture

Current Issues in Culture Poverty Reduction
Diffusion Progress
Eclecticism Reconception
Evolution Reform
Feminism Renovation
Gender Equality Revivalism
Identity and Culture Revolution
Inculcation of Culture Through Education Syncretism
Indigenization Transformation
Language, Culture and Translation

Advising and Counselling
Higher Education
Adult Education
Home Schooling
Art Education
Human Resourse Development & Training
Arts & Humanities
Inclusive Education
Blended Learning

Indigenous Education
Business Education
International Education
Competitive Skills
Kinesiology and Leisure Science
Continuing Education
Language Education

Mathematics Education
Distance Education
Music Education
Early Childhood Education
Education and Moderation
Physical Education
Education and Values
Professional Development
Education for Sustainable Development
Religious Studies and Education
Education Management
Rural Education
Education Policy and Leadership

Science Education
Education Theory
Second Life Educators
Educational Foundations
Secondary Education
Elementary Education
Social Studies Education
Engineering Education
Special Education

Environment and Modernization
Student Affairs
Environmental Education
Teacher Education
Experiential Education
Technical Education
Geographical Education
Vocational & Skills
Health Education


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