The 11th METU International ELT Convention is going to be held at the Culture and Convention Center, METU, Ankara on the dates 31 May – 02 June 2012.

The theme of the Convention is Embracing Challenges as we acknowledge the social transformation the world is going through. Advancements in social sciences as well as the advent of technological tools have changed the way we learn, use and teach languages. Learners are ever more exposed to other cultures and are in contact with people from diverse backgrounds through the wonder-gadgets of the 21st century. Therefore, there is a need to familiarize learners with concepts outside their cultural contexts, engage them with higher level mental skills related to language use, and foster critical perception, in general. Throughout the Convention we will try to identify and address challenges that emerge from the changing needs and growing demands of learners as members of academic, social or business communities in a globalised world. We hope that the Convention will become a platform conducive to enhancing the teaching and learning experience of all the participants involved.

For detailed information: http://dbe.metu.edu.tr/convention2012/index.htm