11th International Electrochemistry Meeting in Turkey

11th International Electrochemistry Meeting in Turkey (ECM11)
–A Tribute to Saadet Üneri–

Dear Colleagues,

The 11th International Electrochemistry Meeting in Turkey (ECM11) is a continuation of the meeting series on fundamental and applied electrochemistry organized by different Universities in Turkey since the first event in 1999. Following the success of the past 10 meetings, ECM11 which will be hosted by Yüzüncü Yıl University, will continue to provide a common platform to gather national and international researches carried out by groups devoted to electrochemistry at a large scale.
ECM11 aims to give the opportunity to discuss the latest scientific and technical developments on the meeting topics, to strengthen the link between theoretical achievements and technological advancement, to share experiences, new ideas and knowledge among junior and senior researches and students, and also to create personal contacts.
This meeting is also a great occasion to pay tribute to Prof. Dr. Saadet Üneri-on her 92nd birthday-for her outstanding contributors to the development of Electrochemistry in Turkey.
The meeting will be held in Van, the city of light, located in Eastern Anatolia. Van is a compact fairy-tale city dating from the times of Urartians, Persians, Roman, Seljuk, and Ottoman Empires. The city is ready to offer many beauties that both domestic and foreign visitors look for, alongside with its lake, mysterious islands, pristine shores, red sunset, lovely cats being its symbol, fish that can live in the saline-alkaline waters of Lake Van, and breakfast tables offering local and unique flavors.
The Organizing Committee is pleased to invite electrochemists, scientists from other disciplines, who are interested in electrochemistry, and students to meet in Van at ECM11 in September 2015. Colleagues from academia and industry, from Turkey and from abroad are cordially invited to participate in the meeting, to enrich its program by their scientific contributions, and also to enjoy with us a wonderful social program.

See you in Van, the hidden turquoise face of the East!
Prof. Dr. Zühre Şentürk (Chair)

The Organizing Committee of the Meeting

Symposium Topics
Symposium topics include, but are not restricted to:

● Analytical Electrochemistry
(Experimental and theoretical aspects of analytical process in which electrochemistry play a significant role. Electrochemical and electronic sensor devices, electrochemical methods and devices)
● Bioelectrochemistry and Biomedical Applications
(Electrochemical and electroanalytical aspects of biological processes)
● Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage
(Batteries, fuel and solar cells/electrolyzers, electrochemical capacitors)
● Electrochemical Material Science
(Aspects of material science in which electrochemistry is part of the synthesis, processing, surface treatment, corrosion, passivation, or in which electrochemistry is the user of nanostructures, conducting polymer films, semiconductors, etc.)
● Electrochemical Processes Engineering and Technology
(Experimental and theoretical aspects of electrochemistry in which engineering has a role)
● General Molecular Electrochemistry
(Structural and mechanistic aspects of electrode processes of inorganic, organic and organometallic compounds)
● Physical Electrochemistry
(Experimental, theoretical and computational aspects of electrochemistry, alone or in conjuction with other methods)


For all general inquiries please contact us:

Yüzüncü Yıl University
Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry
65080 Campus/ VAN
ecm11van@gmail.com, ecm11van@yyu.edu.tr