10th International Conference on Electronics, Computer and Computation

Ankara,historically known as Angora, is the capital of Turkey and the country’s second largest city after Istanbul. Centrally located in Anatolia, Ankara is an important commercial and industrial city. It is the center of the Turkish Government, and houses all foreign embassies. It is an important crossroads of trade, strategically located at the centre of Turkey’s highway and railway networks, and serves as the marketing centre for the surrounding agricultural area. The city was famous for its long-haired Angora goat and its prized wool (mohair), a unique breed of cat (Angora cat), Angora rabbits and their prized wool (Angora wool), pears, honey, and the region’s muscat grapes.
The historical center of Ankara is situated upon a rocky hill, which rises 150 m (492 ft) above the plain on the left bank of the Ankara Çayı, a tributary of theSakarya (Sangarius) river. Although situated in one of the driest places of Turkey and surrounded mostly by steppe vegetation except for the forested areas on the southern periphery, Ankara can be considered a green city in terms of green areas per inhabitant, which is 72 m2 per head.
Ankara is a very old city with various Hittite, Phrygian, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman archaeological sites.
According to the Turkish Statistical Institute, as of 2012 the city of Ankara had a population of 4,338,620 and its metropolitan municipality 4,965,542.
ICECCO’2013 CONFERENCE PLACE (Turgut Ozal University)

ICECCO was organized for the first time at International Atatürk Alatoo University in Kyrgyzstan in 2004. Initially, name of the conference was International Kyrgyzstan Electronics and Computer Conference (IKECCO). In 2006, University of Zurich Technology from Switzerland and Suleyman Demirel University from Kazakhstan also became the organizational partners of the conference. In 2012, 9th conference was renamed as “International Conference on Electronics, Computer and Computation – ICECCO” and Turgut Özal University became a conference partner.
ICECCO 2012 received papers from 17 different countries at last year. After a peer review process, 79 papers were accepted to be presented at the conference in 14 different major areas.
The Tenth International Conference on Electronics Computer and Computation “ICECCO 2013″ will be held on 7-9 November at Turgut Özal University, Ankara, Turkey.
The ICECCO 2013 aims are collaboration for researchers and developers from various areas of electronics and computing, developers and practitioners to explore and address the challenging research issues on e-technology with the purpose of developing a common research agenda and vision for electronics and computer sciences. The main focus of this conference is on the enabling technologies to facilitate next generation. By conducting this conference we hope to make a universal impact on the related subjects.
The Organizing Committee invites you to participate in the Conference by presenting a research paper. Different kinds of papers are solicited, including research papers, lessons learned, status reports, discussion papers, etc. Acceptance of the papers will be mainly based on the following criteria: novelty and significance of results. Commercial and promotional papers and papers already published cannot be accepted.
The Conference provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and latest research results from universities and industries. With this respect we highly encourage PhD students to submit their research studies including preliminary results.
We are soliciting research papers as well as proposals for tutorials on all aspects of Electronics and Computer Engineering in Following areas;

Information Retrieval
Signal Processing
Scientific Computation
Computer Networks
Networks and Data Security
Multimedia Forensics
Biomedical Engineering
Database Systems
Modeling and Simulation
Parallel and Distributed Systems
Machine Learning and Computational Intelligence
Computer Vision

Keynote Speakers
Ian F. Akyildiz, Ph.D.
Broadband Wireless Networking Laboratory, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA
Talk: Nano Scale Machines Communication
Aydogan Ozcan, Ph.D.
Electrical Engineering Department, Bioengineering Department, California NanoSystems Institute
University of California, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Talk: Computational Microscopy, Sensing and Diagnostics for Telemedicine and Global Health Applications
Important Dates:
Conference : 7-9 November 2013

Conference language:English

Contacts: [email protected]

Conference Secretaries:
İsmet Ferdi ŞEN, M.Sc.
[email protected]
Döne Yılmaz, M.Sc.
[email protected]


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