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International Ege Energy Symposium & Exhibition
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  • International Ege Energy Symposium & Exhibition
    International Ege Energy Symposium & Exhibition

    The indiscriminate and uncontrolled use of fossil fuels from past to present, especially since the dawn of modern civilization, has raised an environmental pollution, emissions of CO2 and also finally caused to global warming. To prevent all these bad situations, the new alternative technologies, energy efficiency and management have become extremely important within effective developing policies. “International Ege Energy Symposium and Exhibition” (IEESE) will serve as a bridge for people around the world to share their work in this field.

    The Ege Energy Symposium and Exhibition has been held every 2 year by the collaboration of fourteen regional universities since 2003. Until 2010, this symposium was national, but it has been transformed to an international scientific organization that provides an excellent opportunity for discussion and knowledge exchange for scientists, policy-makers, engineers and other specialists with an interest in issues related to energy.

    The 6th IEESE, organized by the Ege University and hosted by the Solar Energy Institute and Mechanical Engineering Department, will be held on June 28 – 30, 2012 at Ege University Ataturk Cultural Center (AKM) in Konak-Izmir, Turkey. The symposium will be an international forum for the participants to address and discuss the state of the art innovation in energy and energy systems. The symposium will feature sessions, panels and tutorials by international experts on energy.

    The Symposium Organizing Committee invites researchers and practitioners worldwide for participation. The symposium scope covers a wide area of topics with respect to energy as followed. Our Committees have the pleasure to invite and welcome you to participate in our exciting symposium.
    Symposium main topics

    • Carbon Market, Low Carbon Economy

    • Cogeneration and Other Systems

    • Combustion Technologies

    • Electricity Generation, Distribution and Power Quality Technologies

    • Energy and Environment

    • Energy Economy

    • Energy Efficiency and Management

    • Energy Policy, Legislation and Regulation

    • Energy R&D Project Financing

    • Energy Storage

    • Exergy and Exergoeconomics

    • Fossil Fuels

    • Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning

    • Life Cycle Assessment

    • Nuclear Energy

    • Renewable Energy:

    Biomass/Geothermal/Photovoltaic/Solar Thermal/Tidal/Wind

    • Smart-grid and Transmission

    • Thermodynamics, Heat & Mass Transfer and Fluid Mechanics Applications

    The list is only indicative of the key areas of discussion but is not restrictive, and additional topics would be considered for submission.


    Address: Ege University Solar Energy Institute 35100, Izmir, TURKEY

    Tel: 0090 232 311 12 34

    Fax: 0090 232 388 60 27

    E-mail: info@egeenergy.org


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